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What makes ROYAL STONE engineered stone (Quartz)? different?

Royal Stone engineered quartz product is a compound of more than 93% of quartz crystals and 7% of additives such as from high quality polymer resin and other pigments. The product is solid, durable, heat resistant, highly corrosive resistant and absolutely bacterial protective.

Along with the investment, research and development so far, ROYAL STONE engineered quartz stone has now more than 60 differnt colors and patterns with many unique characteristics corresponding to each collection. With outstanding style and high durability, the product is suitable for all design applications, from classic to modern.

We are proud to be a manufacturer and supplier of diversified engineered stone products in color and structure to meet the needs of all residential and commercial customers such as medical facilities, restaurants, conference tables, reception counters, lobby areas, food preparation areas, laboratories …

In addition to the standard size of 63 inch x 126 inch, we also do cutting-to-size to serve the increasingly diverse needs of customers. Besides, we also consult solutions on how to select proper products to each application in project, location of use.


Subtle surface

Quartz stone has natural granite surface and is rich in color and variety with very hard texture and without any holes. The beauty and features of the product are suitable for any interior surface.

Minimizing scratches

The hardness of the quartz stone surface is generally higher than that of iron, which means that household iron items cannot scratch the stone surface.

Anti-stain, contamination

Quartz stone has solid structure and almost no porocity. We just wipe the stone surface with normal water or neutral detergent there will be no permeability, stain, contamination on the surface even with stubborn stains such as tea and coffee.

High thermo resistance

Quartz is a molten material at high temperatures (melting point up to 1,300 ° C) that makes the engineered stone very high thermo resistance.Quartz stone is among the best thermo resistant material besides stainless steel in the market today.


Quartz crystal is completely excluding heavy metal impurities through rigorous selection, so that quartz stone has non-toxic properties and no radiation as other interior decorative materials.

Resistance to Acid, Alkaline and most other toxic chemicals

quartz stone is among the best corrosive resistant materials. Common acids and/or alkalines can hardly damage its surface.


Quartz stone is mong the highest anti-aging materials due to its high quality and anti-aging additives. It is often difficult to recognize the aging of surfaces in normal temperature environments.

High color retention

Most components of quartz stone are artificial, but the pigments in quartz stone are natural pigments so it has a very high color retention ability.

Cost saving solution

Excellent quality of quartz stone is not only reflected by its physical and chemical performance, but also in environmentally friendly, convenience to use (easy to clean, less time to preserve) and very diverse in colors. The lifespan of quartz stone is longer than that of natural stone. Therefore, quartz stone is definitely your wise choice in term of cost saving.