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Royal Stone was established in 2011 as a brand specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high-end quartz-based engineered quartz stone products



RoyalStone is proud to be one of the pioneering units in the manufacturing and distribution of Quartz Stone in Vietnam, with the second-largest Quartz Stone factory in the country, located in Nhon Trach 2 industrial zone, Dong Nai province.

With deep understanding of the stone market and architectural trends in the world and an innovative and experienced team in the field of construction materials, we always satisfy customers with the quality of products and services by directing customers with true aesthetic values ​​in life.

Royal Stone’s products are manufactured under advanced process of European standards, ensuring the criteria of quality, innovation, sophistication in design and environmentally friendly.

With the motto “Coming to Royal Stone is coming to perfection”, we believe that Royal Stone will be the most prestigious and reliable partner for all domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations.


Granite & marble are natural products quarried from the Earth. Quartz or engineered stone is a man-made product consisting of 93% quartz. Quartz is non-porous and elements like oils and vinegar cannot harm the stone and bacteria tends not to linger. Granite & marble can be porous and sealer is required and applied when necessary. Also, quartz does have a more uniform look and feel where granite & marble can have a lot of color variation and extreme movement. These unpredictable elements, however, are often viewed as the beauty of the stone and are why granite and marble are still one of the most popular choices of countertops today.


  • We always set top priority to research and increase the quality value in every product.

  • Continuously updated, providing quality products, modern models according to world trends.

  • Protecting the environment and developing community benefits.

  • Constantly creating, improving professionalism, providing optimal solutions to create maximum convenience for customers.

  • Devoting to become a reliable strategic partner for every business.


Become the most reputable brand in the construction materials industry, engineered paving stones in the domestic market and on par with major brands in the world, with the motto:

  • The best quality.
  • Professional service
  • Customer satisfaction oriented