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Dây chuyền đá Keda mới của Royal Stone

In response to the increasing demand for products for the international market, in September 2020, Royal Stone has put into use a new artificial quartz stone production line, including a system of equipment and machinery from KEDA – a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction materials.

Dây chuyền đá Keda mới của Royal Stone

The newest artificial quartz stone line production in Royal Stone

The new production line of artificial quartz stone consists of a system of material storage & batching system, mixing machines, ring mixing, pressing system, heating & hardening system, cooling & conveying system, and calibrating and polishing line with a capacity of 300,000m2/year.

This is an automatic and semi-automatic line system designed and optimized to suit the needs of customers, it can produce quartz stone products with different thicknesses such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm; or monocolored, double-colored, multicolored artificial quartz stones depending on the requirements of customers.

Compared to the artificial quartz production line system being used, Keda line has many outstanding advantages:

  • Production capacity is 2 times higher than the old line.
  • Higher product density and hardness (Density is 2.35-2.45g/cm3; Mohs hardness is 6-7)
  • High automation: the entire line is controlled by computers with stable quality, helping the factory save manpower. In particular, the mixer uses the latest technology in the world, the mixing and loading process is fully automated. The machine is capable of mixing raw materials harmoniously and accurately according to the pre-calculated formula ratio, which makes the product quality more stable.
  • More energy savings thanks to new improvements in the electric kiln system. The furnace uses non-deformed steel slabs, ensuring the plate is flat and hot evenly.
  • Advanced shaping and solidifying technology: Plastic use rate is only about 6%-9%, maximum saving production costs, and ensuring high-quality products.

Máy trộn nguyên liệu thạch anh và các chất phụ gia tại Royal Stone

Close-up of new quartz stone system 

In addition to these outstanding advantages, the new line system also has the ability to change the design, properties, and production technology of slabs thanks to the diverse design of compatible configurations. This makes it possible for the factory to flexibly transform production needs, shorten equipment cleaning time, fully proactive in terms of production time and process.


It is the use of a new line system with good equipment configuration and high production efficiency that has helped Royal Stone create quartz-based artificial stone products with extremely good quality while shortening the time of supplying products, creating prestige with customers in the international market. In the first, second, and third quarters of 2020, Royal Stone supplied to the international market more than 50,000 m2 of stones of all kinds, be surveyed, and ordered by many international trading partners. Most recently, along with participating in the supply chain of MS International (MSI), Royal Stone has exported the first containers to leading distributors in the United States, contributing to affirming Vietnam’s position and intelligence in the international market.

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