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Sản phẩm Royal House đã đạt chứng nhận GreenGuard

After waiting for verification, recently, Royal House Production and Investment Joint Stock Company has officially received GREENGUARD GOLD certification for artificial quartz stone products.

This is good news for Royal Group because Greenguard Gold is the most stringent chemical emissions standard certification in the world (up to now), recognized and accepted by sustainable building programs. and building codes around the world.

Greenguard Gold certification “expensive” how much?


Royal House Greenguard Gold certification is recognized by the Greenguard Environmental Institute or GEI – an industry independent, non-profit organization that offers three product certification schemes and one building certification program. . Greenguard Environmental Institute was founded in June 2001 by Air Quality Science, Inc., an indoor air quality company and acquired by UL Environment in 2011. Greenguard was established with the aim of promoting production. healthy interior, safe for the health of users, free of harmful emissions.

Royal House products are Greenguard Gold certified (formerly Greenguard School and Children Certification), which means not only Greenguard certification required for additive content and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) The lowest, making indoor air quality clean, but also arguably the safest to be used for all school buildings in the world thanks to two more prestigious certifications:

CHPS: High quality standards for schools

LEED: The US Green Building Standard – for organizations that are leading the way invention and contribution to energy saving and environment

So from now on, Royal House’s products will appear on the packaging of a small but powerful blue sticker – something that any business wants to own.

The bathroom space is covered with Royal Stone quart stone from Royal House of Royal Group.

To be certified to the Greenguard Gold standard, the product used must meet stringent chemical emission limits. Greenguard evaluates whether a product meets the standards set by the organization through material performance and condition. Products are tested in a dynamic environment chamber, which is tightly controlled in temperature and humidity for a period of one to two weeks. The purpose of this test is to determine how much chemical is emitted. After passing the test of 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the eligible products will be recognized.

But that is not enough. In order to maintain this certification, units need to maintain production operations for a long period of time, thoroughly inspected periodically to ensure stability and consistency. All products are then required to be tested annually to ensure minimum readings for more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds were initially performed.

The kitchen space is covered with Royal Stone quart stone from Royal House of Royal Group.

As the demand for healthier, more sustainable products grows, consumers and professionals in the construction industry are increasingly demanding more than just demonstrating product sustainability. Greenguard Gold certification provides the market with solutions and resources to identify products with lower chemical emissions and provide manufacturers with reliable tools to legalize and promote efforts for sustainable development.

Together with Royal Group, build a safe and healthy living environment

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is closely related to health and is recognized as a top concern in many countries around the world. With the proliferation of commercial, industrial and home products, daily exposure to VOCs is inevitable.

However, instead of avoiding it, consumers can find solutions to limit the risk of exposure. Using construction materials that emit less VOCs than others is one of the simplest and easiest to do. With strict standards and regulations, consumers are completely safe when choosing products with the Greenguard Gold logo.

With the orientation of building a safe and friendly living environment, Royal House’s artificial quartz products are manufactured with strict processes to ensure that the products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also also extremely safe for the health of users. In addition to Greenguard Gold, Royal House is currently waiting for inspection results to receive NFS certificate from WHO, CE mark for absolute safety for users’ health.

The room using SPC flooring from Royal Crystal of Royal Group.

Not only artificial quartz stone, but other products of Royal Group are being noticed by domestic consumers for their sustainability and safety standards achieved in recent years. Even the SPC flooring product (Hoang Gia Crystal Joint Stock Company) just launched in the mid-2020 market also received FloorScore certification from SCS Global Services, ensuring low VOC emissions and not harming consumers. use. Similar to Royal House, Hoang Gia Pha is also perfecting the criteria to be recognized for international certifications of safety, environmental friendliness to bring Vietnamese brands to the majority of consumers around the world. .

Be wise consumers, trust in the right place, in the right place with products associated with your own health as well as your own family.


VOCs – The invisible “killer”

Life is developing day by day, the appearance of artificial products to meet the needs and tastes of consumers is on the rise. However, if you do not know about the materials used in the home, consumers will be very susceptible to being poisoned by dangerous compounds from conventional furniture. Volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions from building materials and interior furnishings are major sources of pollution that affect indoor air quality.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals that easily enter the air as a gas or vapor from solid or liquid materials. VOCs are ingredients found in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and household products.

VOCs - Phát thải hợp chất hữu cơ dễ bay hơi

(VOC pollutes the environment. Source:

VOCs easily become gases or vapors and are highly exposed if accidentally inhaled, swallowed with contaminated food or water, or even in direct contact with skin. VOCs, especially restricted VOCs (Benzene, Formaldehyde, Toluene and xylene, Ethanol, Dichlorobenzene, Acetone, Methylene chloride …) are known to have adverse effects on human health and the environment. Symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, headache, tremor, confusion or unconsciousness may occur if exposed to even short-term high levels of VOCs. Prolonged exposure to high levels of VOCs can lead to damage to organs, including the central nervous system, liver and kidneys. When levels are above certain exposure levels, some VOCs can cause cancer and damage to the reproductive system.

Besides, many other bacteria and fungi, if meeting the appropriate conditions, will multiply and affect the health of users. And that is also the reason that the Greenguard standard was born, to ensure the necessary requirements for building materials. Greenguard certification has been widely applied as a reliable standard for low-emissions furniture products. In fact, there are hundreds of Greenguard certified product codes, standards, guidelines, procurement policies and green building rating systems.

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